Corporate Social Responsibility

Colour Face Group believes in Corporate Social Responsibility, as every business will have an impact on the people in the community. Conducting CSR projects can bring benefits in terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationships, human resource management, and innovation capacity, as well as good publicity.
Andrew and Grace Home
Andrew and Grace Home was founded in November 1998 as a non-profit Christian healing home dedicated to help teenage girls and their families work through challenging situations, giving hope and direction in their lives.

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home
Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home aims to provide loving Christian nurture for needy and disadvantaged children of all races and religions, so as to prepare them to be happy and responsible of members the family and community.

Day Spring
DaySpring has been providing a voluntary welfare service to women and youth-at-risk in Singapore.

DaySpring's vision is to see every girl and woman, especially those at risk, live a life of purpose and hope; making peace with her past, finding purpose in the present and renewed hope for the future..

Colour Face Group recently donated more than Fiftyx Thousand Singapore Dollars in scholarships to Dayspring, and organised a Halloween walkathon to raise awareness for DaySpring's vision, creating a platform for girls and women to receive education as a means of living a purposeful and powerful life, giving the girls at DaySpring a future bright with renewed hope.

Shan You Counselling Centre
Shan You Counselling Centre seeks to serve the community with the Buddhist principles of compassion, morality, concentration and wisdom; through professional counselling services, family support services and social services for the community, regardless of race, religion or ability to pay for services.

Colour Face Group donated more than Ten Thousand Singapore Dollars to Shan You Counselling Centre, to help them reach individuals and families to create a more compassionate, wise society. Colour Face Group also organised an event to support and raise awareness for the beneficiaries of Shan You Counselling Centre's programmes.

Singapore Christian Home (SCH)
Singapore Christian Home is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a home for destitute and low income persons who require long term medical care. Their residents range in age from 45 to 103 years old.

Colour Face Group regularly visits the residents at Singapore Christian Home, providing them haircuts twice a month to brighten up their lives and bring out their smiles.

Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)
The Sree Narayana Mission manages two homes for the aged sick, and two Multi-services centres serving the elderly with dementia and other illnesses requiring special care. They also manage food relief missions and financial assistance schemes for the elderly who are unable to afford medical treatment.

Colour Face group visits the homes bimonthly, providing the residents with haircuts and companionship, helping them smile through their difficult times.

Swami Home
SWAMI HOME is an established voluntary welfare orgainsation for more than two decades providing institionalised and nursing care services to the needy and sick elderly.

Colour Face Group regularly visits the SWAMI home once every 2 months to provide haircuts, assistance and companionship to the aged residents.